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  Certified Genuine User, another trusted member has indicated that they personally know and recommend this user. Meow
Member since: 10/21/02
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Female Her: Bi
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She: 45   4'11   190
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76 days ago
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30 to 55
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    seeking local friendships that could include benefits with chemistry! May 10 Klymaxxx Hog Roast :)

    Short Tag Line:
    seeking local friendships that could include benefits with chemistry! May 10 Klymaxxx Hog Roast :)

    I/We are looking for
    2014 - looking to revamp my list of conveniently LOCAL *within 30 minutes* friends with benefits, inquire within... :) Emphasis on FRIENDS, the BENEFITS require CHEMISTRY!

    April 2013 - schedule is a little more freed up, may have some Friday nights available for special friends, inquire if interested.

    CAREGIVER FOR OLDER RELATIVE 24/7, unable to travel or entertain. Free time severely limited. Hope not to lose touch with old friends. Meeting new people is really tough because of my situation. Best time to catch me is at a club or meet and greet that I have planned to attend. My profile tag line or Hot Date will let you know. Unexpected free time might allow me to meet somewhere very close to home for a drink but that can't be planned for and I'll be the one contacting you, hopefully it will work out. I am very much a social flirt and am open to play but only with mutual chemistry so a date is not a guaranteed playtime session.

    2013 - trying to be more social, meet and greets are my preference so I can maximize my fun potential :)

    SEPT 2012 - Limited free time, enjoying klymaxxxing with fun friends when I can!

    SEPT 2011 - Single again. In need of some attention! Open to suggestions but very limited availability. Watch for HOT DATE postings when I know I can get out.

    FEB 2010 - I'm back in central PA after about 5 years away. It would be so nice to reconnect with the fun flirty gals who were part of my bifemme girls night out group. I have fond memories of our 3rd Thursday get togethers for dinner and drinks all over the east & west shore, as well as karaoke nights at Nicks in New Cumberland and Snappers in Mechanicsburg, lingerie shopping and toy parties, strip club visits to Adult World, and of course the drag queen shows at the Pink Lizard and the dancing at Stallions, Neptune, and the Strawberry. Any gals interested in some female bonding fun please let me know - FEMALES only, but bisexuality is not a requirement for fun friendships.

    *~* HEY GIRLS.... I am really bi and missing having girl-time with special friends - you know, talking, laughing, shopping, lunching, just doing girly stuff, maybe with sexy benefits if the chemistry is there. Aren't there any girls interested in hanging out with other girls one on one?

    **REALLY, NO DRAMA, no cheaters, only those COUPLES in healthy relationships versed in open honest communication need apply. If you are willing to disrespect the one you love, what could I possibly expect to happen to me? NO THANKS!** COUPLES should know that I prefer my primary connection to be with the female. If "HE" is too into me and "SHE" is just along for the ride I'm most likely gonna pass.

    "NO" is not the new "maybe". If I say no thanks, I mean it. End of discussion, game over, thanks for playing, move along! Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

    ***PLEASE NOTE: Sure its nice to be noticed and friendly hellos are welcomed, but if they end with "Wanna Fuck?" then don't waste your time. Pushy people are barking up the wrong tree! Thanks for understanding!***

    If "bareback", "creampie", "bukkake", "gang bang", "anal sex" are pursuits YOU enjoy, I'm NOT the girl for you, sorry. Zero interest in those areas, definite turn offs. - - BDSM is also not MY thing, although I have many friends who enjoy it and I have been a voyeur but have no interest in participating myself. I am not looking for a Dom/Domme or a Daddy and have no interest in anything painful or degrading. Not passing judgment, just does not appeal to me.

    ** BBC - or any BC really - is not a sought after preference, sorry. Not a race issue, I'm just not a size queen. If it is going to hurt it isn't fun for me. That also means if all you can do is pound hard and fast I'm not the girl for you. This means don't bother sending me mail about how big your dick is and how hard you wanna slam it into me til I scream.

    Describe Yourself:
    SHE SAYS: Online I'm flirty and outgoing, In person shy at first, but can be an exhibitionist when comfortable. I'm a loyal friend, often too nice for my own good. I am adventurous and usually ready for fun, but never aggressive enough to make first moves so it is up to YOU to approach me and break the ice! I love shoes, toys, lingerie, erotic stories, photo opportunities, and sensual massage. If you are local, have pics posted, are serious about meeting and think we have things in common please send some mail! I demand to be acknowledged and respected as a person before being worshiped as a sex object! It is about the journey, not the destination! I engage in social intercourse much more frequently than sexual intercourse, I'm selective about my playmates and you should be too!

    I like live music - concerts, seeing bands at bars, especially blues. I enjoy karaoke but I'm a voyeur, not a singer. Amusement parks are fun, I love roller coasters and water rides. I enjoy movies of all types, a good horror movie is my favorite but they seem to be rare these days. I have theatre background from high school and college and enjoy musical theatre. I'm food adventurous and enjoy trying new places. I'm a beer snob with a good appreciation for micro brews and imports. Comedy clubs are fun, laughter is good medicine. I like people watching at dance clubs but I'm more of a wallflower than a dancer. Browsing at the bookstore sipping cafe mocha is a good way to spend a few hours. I enjoy interior decorating. I collect cookbooks but look at them more than use them, lol. A fun hobby I'd like to get back to is Hashing, which combines physical activity (running, hiking, exploring) with beer. - July 2010 - My newest love is the kayak. That's lots of "other" stuff that I am interested in aside from sex... What about you?

    DISLIKES: "Dishonesty has to be first on the list, close second would be people who take others for granted" Have no tolerance for liars, cheaters, rude, disrespectful, pushy people, body odors, prejudice, homophobia, gossip, jealousy, possessiveness, double standards, unsafe sexual practices, all the usual yucky taboo stuff... Drama avoided at all costs. Disappointed by people just interested in sex, people that cum too quick when things are just getting started, people that jump to conclusions or assume without asking.

    LIKES: Those who truly understand the lifestyle and enjoy its benefits. People who show a genuine interest in getting to know me! Yes I am on a sex site and sex is great when it works out that way, but treat me like a real person who has feelings, thanks! Cleanliness & common sense required, sense of humor and fashion sense appreciated. Intelligence is so sexy. Attractiveness is a relative term - you must be attractive to ME.

    WHAT GETS MY ATTENTION?: The things people say in their profiles -I actually read them!! Does anyone else? If you've read mine, prove it! There may be a quiz!

    THIS MAY BE A DEALBREAKER: Those that know me and love me deal with the fact that I choose not to drive for social or playtime. I'm directionally clueless - even with a GPS it is too stressful - and I'm also nightblind , definitely can't see well enough to drive in the dark when every light has a halo around it. This is a weakness and a limitation I know, sorry, but it is what it is. Doesn't matter how hot you are or how much I want to get together with you, driving is not in my best interest. Trusted friends are always welcome to "kidnap" me. My current living situation caring for an elderly relative does not allow me to entertain at home, sorry. I won't be inviting you over so please don't even ask. Yes I am fully aware of how inconvenient this is, and I know how many opportunities I may miss out on because of it. I would change it if I could, but it is beyond my control.

    Tell us about your fantasies and/or real experiences.
    HER REAL EXPERIENCES - I've been involved in the lifestyle for almost 15 years now, as a single, as a couple, and as part of a group - and each experience shaped my opinions about what works for ME in terms of lifestyle activities. There is no guide to swinging, no right/wrong, its all about preferences, individual choices, and respect for the choices of others. I know what I like, hope you do too! I don't expect you to bend your rules for me and won't take kindly to pressure from you to bend my limits for you.

    The ongoing friendships that have evolved out of playtime sessions are an added bonus. Others I have met and become friends with and maintained friendships with for years without ever getting sexual. I love seeing new faces in different places and enjoy opportunities to check out clubs and group events when I can. I have been to Klymaxxx Events, CSC Æ XS, The FARM, TJ's, The Cottage, TPA, Monster Mash / Beach Bash, Secret Rendezvous, TABU, Club Silhouettes, DJ's ISLAND, Toga Joe's, G-Spot Parties, CKS-Lehigh Valley, VA Friends hotel parties, Bacchanalia events at the Crucible in DC, ENTICE Niagara Falls, Naughty in N'awlins, Lifestyles conventions in Las Vegas, and the first ever lifestyle cruise on the Carnival Legend. I've also gotten to check out other clubs (Red Rooster, & Green Door in Las Vegas, Club 2Risque in Atlanta, Carolina Friends in Charlotte, Colette's in New Orleans) while traveling for website photo shoots & conventions. I love the freedom I have at swing clubs to do, or not do, anything I choose.

    I prefer to meet new people in meet & greet or club atmospheres where there is no pressure and plenty of other options if things don't click. I hate pushy people and pressure situations. A first meeting for dinner/drinks is not likely, too awkward for me. When you ask for this I know you weren't paying attention. Come out to a Meet and Greet :)

    The instant message feature is great for real time chats with people I already know, but otherwise please send mail first to determine mutual interest before attempting to engage in real time chat. I don't like to waste time chatting to people that have no pics or live so far away we'll never meet. **If you are from another state or are a free member with no pics don't be surprised when I decline your chat request** Thanks!

    What else would you like to say, do, see, hear about or learn about.
    (A word of advice from a gal who has been in the lifestyle long term... If you are contacting someone it is polite to provide some type of picture whether it be face or body type, g-rated is fine, but I - and many others I know - want to see WHO we are corresponding with before we know how we might want to respond.)

    I prefer to only correspond with people who have pics on the site, its ok if they are locked as long as you provide password when you make contact. No you can't email pics to me elsewhere. And please sign your e-mails, especially when it is a couple I like to know if it is him or her. And couples, if it is only one of you please be absolutely sure your partner would approve of the conversation, no drama please!!!

    Long Distance? If you are really far away from me and there isn't the likelihood of us meeting in person then please don't waste my time with e-mails and chat requests.

    Availability? If you don't actually have the time to meet me in person please don't tell me how interested you are. I get frustrated by people who say they want to meet and then never ask me out or who set something up and don't follow through.

    PenPal? I'm going to be blunt: I'm not really interested in pointless one line e-mails of idle chit-chat sentence fragments going no-where. I don't seem to have the patience for them. Hi / hello / how are you? and nothing more isn't going to get a response - Especially if you are a free member with a limited number of emails to send, you should make it count!

    I'm generally not the aggressive type but have been trying to work on this, so if I step outside my box and make first contact, I'm interested in exploring the possibilities with you!

    I am not rude, stuck-up, or think that I'm better than anyone else. However, I do get frustrated by people who don't take the time to read a profile, and my patience wears thin on instant messages saying "what r u in2" from people who have never e-mailed me before. I've taken the time to express my preferences clearly (at least I think clearly), posted recent pics (and a ton of older ones too, a span of all my years on the site, I generally add new ones but don't delete old ones), and I sure wish others would do the same. My LOCKED pics aren't necessarily more explicit but do show me with other friends so are locked for their privacy. If we've been chatting and I feel a connection I will share more but first messages asking for more pics when I've got 80 or more open is a riot, especially from the folks with less than 10 pics and none show their face...

    Life is all about ass; you're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it, or behaving like one.

    QUIZ TIME: "Driving Miss Kitty" should be included in your message to me if you actually read all this text and still have an interest in getting to know me. If I don't see it I may not respond. I'm not being bitchy or trying to make people jump through hoops, just trying to save time in the long run. Lots of important info in my profile and if we aren't compatible no reason to waste your time or mine. If someone can't spare the few minutes it takes to read it we most likely aren't compatible.